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We make the products we want for ourselves - Quality and function second to none, exceptional craftsmanship, minimal aesthetics, best materials.

Portland, Oregon - From extruding raw aluminum, to our state-of-the-art machine shop, to hand finishing and anodizing - all manufacturing goes down here. Each ElevationDock is made at a level precision and care reserved only for the best made products. 


Before and after machined aluminum Elevation Dock

ElevationLab started as an industrial design and engineering firm in 2007 by Casey Hopkins. We have helped many companies, startup to Fortune500, design better new products - from sports equipment to consumer electronics to hydration to medical devices - products that look as well as they work.


ElevationLab front warehouse door in Portland, Oregon.

Wanting to design/make our own hardware, we launched ElevationDock on Kickstarter to help end our frustration with Apple's docks. It was a game-changer: breaking Kickstarter records, it became the first crowd-funded project to break $1M by our 12,521 backers who made it possible. We worked around the clock to scale up our domestic mass manufacturing and shipped those Docks to backers in 96 different countries. All machined, finished, and assembled in Portland, Oregon. And we continue making Docks today, at the same uncompromising level of quality.