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PH5-SLV #Bright, subtle texturing. The same beautiful finish Apple applies to their aluminum hardware. A 20-step process done by hand. PH5-MB # This beautiful finish reflects less light and looks gorgeous on your desk. Show fingerprints if hands are greasy. Our second most popular finish. PH5-HPRD #This striking finish looks beautiful anywhere you put it. PH5-BBLU #Lighly textured with a glass bead blast, then anodized this beautiful shade of blue. (Limited run). PH5-SLV-thumb-side PH5-SLV-thumb-back PH5-MB-thumb-side PH5-SLV-thumb #NanoPad secures your Dock with microscopic suction cups PH5-MB-thumb-back PH5-HPRD-thumb-side PH5-HPRD-thumb-back PH5-BBLU-thumb-side PH5-BBLU-thumb-back
ElevationDock 2 for iPhone5/5s/5c/6
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Undocking's a breeze, works with cases, gorgeous on your desk. Frustrated with Apple's docks, we designed our own.

  • Works with iPhone 6, with Apple Leather & Silicone cases!
  • Easy, one-handed undocking - guaranteed!
  • Beautifully milled from a single solid block aluminum
  • Seamless construction
  • Backpad flips for thicker cases.
  • NanoPad bottom grips rock-hard to smooth surfaces
  • Gorgeous 20-step anodized finishes
  • Securely mounts your Apple Lightning cable
  • Made in USA

Apple-level craftsmanship. ElevationDock is 4-axis CNC machined on all surfaces from solid aircraft-grade aluminum. This expensive process allows for an exceptional level of precision, simplifies the design, the outside is perfectly seamless, and the finish is without equal.


Elevation Dock on a desk

Easy one-handed undocking.  ElevationDock 2's weight plus the NanoPad underside (thousands of microscopic suction cups) locks the dock to your desk.


Secure Lightning mount. Your Apple cable is held solidly and safely with our milled aluminum Lightning Adapter - its new two-piece, symmetrical design adjusts to fit Apple's 0.5m, 1m and 2m cables.


Manufactured without compromise. Your dock is CNC machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. This expensive process lets us produce parts with exceptional precision and quality of finish. It is the same process Apple uses to make unibody MacBook Pros.


Perfect on your desk. Lose the cord clutter, fast docking and undocking, perfect angle for FaceTime and seeing notifications. 


Great at your bedside. Never fumble around to find your cord, makes it easy to find at night because its always in the same position, perfect angle to see alarm clock apps.


Gorgeous finishes.   Every dock receives our 20-step finishing process. Our special glass bead blasted Docks match the premium finish found on your Apple computer. MatteBlack reflects little light for a murdered-out appearance that's beautiful on a desk (and will show fingerprints from greasy hands).

"The dock Apple should have made in the first place"
"An exquisitley crafted, useful dock for iPhone."
"I'm tempted to buy an iPhone just so I can use the Elevation Dock"
"exquisitely milled from solid, Appleesque aluminum."
"'re going to want a dock. But not just any dock. The Elevation Dock."