Battery Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch

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Battery Pro for iPhone & Apple Watch


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    • Note: Must ship via ground because of restrictions on air shipping lithium batteries, can't ship 2-day or overnight. 
    • Integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch Magnetic charger.
    • Smart high-speed USB out.
    • Designed to be comfortable to carry in your back pocket and when holding against the back of your phone (the outside dimensions are close to an iPhone 11 for size reference).
    • StowStrap flips to secure Apple Watch while charging, so you can charge in your bag or purse without issue.
    • Provides over two weeks of Apple Watch charges, 3+ days of iPhone use with a 8000mAh battery.
    • Strong, multi-wall construction.
    • Balances on end for Nightstand mode.
    • Also available on, which is especially great for international customers.
    • Apple MFi certified
    • Integrated Apple Watch Magnetic charger
    • Fast 2.4mAh maximum output
    • 8000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery
    • Micro-USB charging in. Micro-USB to USB-A cable included.
    • Universal USB-A Output
    • Works with all generations of Apple Watches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Irene G
    Smartly designed power bank

    Looks to be the perfect on-the-go charger for a phone and the Apple watch. I like the slim design and the strap that holds the watch in place that tucks back out of the way when not in use. Simple to use and plenty of power.

    Jae-Seek Sohn
    Best Powerbank for Apple Watch User

    Having been sorely looking for a powerbank that charges digital gadgets (if charging cable is connected) as well as Apple Watch, and while I was travelling US, I found this lovely powerbank. FYI, I had already had Belkin Velvet Charger, which is considered one of the best choices for Apple Watch powerbank, and personally, I liked the Battery Pro way much more. It has more electric capacity, and has slim shape which makes it much comfortable when packing things. No need to mention the strap - great for backpackers. Though I don't travel much now hence do not use it very much since COVID19 has broken out, this has been my best powerbank in my backpacker life. Wish I could buy another one now (I am currently in Korea).

    Jerri H.
    FOUND! Best Travel Charger

    I travel quite a bit for work and this charger is SO efficient and easy to use. I'm not hassled with remembering a bunch of cords. 1 Charger for both. Love the security strap to hold the apple watch on the charger, the nightstand mode use still works great while its charging and it charges things very quickly. The charger is lightweight and lasts several days before it needs recharging. Every time someone sees it they ask about it! You have an evangelist in me for this product! Thank you & well done!

    Sheila E.
    Great product!

    I recently purchased this to use on a week long bike trip for my phone and watch. It is so convenient and easy to use. It did exactly what I wanted it to do which was charging my watch and phone each night.
    Also Eric in customer service was very helpful and prompt in answering some questions I had. I would highly recommend this product.

    "the BatteryPro is the best option I've used. It's simple, sleek, reliable, and easy to pocket."
    - Serenity Caldwell, iMore
    "the BatteryPro is a solid iPhone and Apple Watch accessory"
    - Juli Clover, MacRumors

    Designed to be the one charger for

    It's easy to knock Apple Watch off the charger

    BatteryPro's StowStrap solves that by securing the watch down so you can charge it in your bag, purse, or on the go - with no problem.

    Comfortable to hold

    The form factor is designed to be comfortable against your phone - that's the way we often use it.

    Powers the devices you carry

    Whether you need to top off your Watch before a workout, keep your phone going while you're on the go, or need anything else powered, BatteryPro has you covered.

    Fits great in your back pocket

    The outside dimensions are close to an iPhone 7 for size reference. Fits great in the backpocket of men's and womans jeans.

    High Speed USB Out

    Charges your iPhone at 2.4A, the fastest rate, with smart circuitry.

    Safe circuitry

    Smart power output and multiple sensors make BatteryPro safe & dependable.

    Nightstand mode

    BatteryPro balances on end for Nightstand mode with your Apple Watch. It's nice to have in a hotel... or your tent.