ElevationDock 3 for iPhone

ElevationDock 3 for iPhone

$99.00 25% off
  • Beautiful CNC milled aluminum one-piece body - seamless, solid, & heavy. Made in USA.
  • Fits all iPhones + thick cases
  • Apple MFi-certified Lightning cord - included
  • Locks to your desk for fast, easy, one-handed undocking
  • Lateral flippable supports prevent wobble

Customer Reviews

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Martin F
Finally managed to (mostly) pry it off my desk

I plunked this dock down on my new walnut-topped desk and was pleased to find that the NanoPad formed a good solid connection. I was happy with the result until I decided to re-position the dock and found that nothing, nothing could get it to separate from my desk (and, yes, I followed all the advice in the FAQ). I finally resorted to carefully sliding a razor blade under one side to separate the NanoPad from the dock allowing me to finally lift it off. On the other side the NanoPad was adhered more strongly to my desk than to the dock and it separated leaving a sheet of black rubber behind. I'm still scraping it off my desk using my Universal Scraping Device (aka my thumbnail). On the plus side it's leaving no residue behind. Nice dock now that the NanoPad is gone and there's just some felt on the bottom.

Gary K
Perfect solution for Apple CarPlay in my Hyundai Santa Fe

Looks and works great. Well worth the price. Should be an OEM option for the vehicle.
The only modification/addition I made was covering the white cable with black tubing to the USB input.

johan kempkens
I wish everything I own was built this well.

I've had this device on my desk and then on my bedside table for years. It has lasted through three generations of iPhones, and there is still nothing on the market quite comparable to dock your phone in.

For all iPhones. ElevationDock 3 comfortably fits the 6/7+ for virtually all cases - and you can flip or remove the backpad for thicker ones. The sides make lining up and docking your iPhone as fast as possible.

Fast undocking

Fast, one-handed undocking. ElevationDock 3's weight, plus the NanoPad underside (which locks to your desk via air vacuums) keeps your dock planted and makes undocking a breeze.

Better lateral support

Better lateral support. We've added silicone bumpers to better support your iPhone when docked. They can be flipped over for thicker cases.

Apple MFi Certified Lightning connector. ElevationDock 3 ships with an official Apple Lightning connector for dependability and a lot of value.

Precision made

Precision made. ElevationDock is 4-axis CNC machined on all surfaces from solid aircraft-grade aluminum. This expensive process allows for an exceptional level of precision, simplifies the design, makes it seamless, and gives finish is without equal.

Manufactured without compromise. The above video shows a little of what goes into making our original ElevationDock. And little has changed on the manufacturing end with our latest version.

Perfect on your desk

Perfect on your desk. Lose the cord clutter, fast docking and undocking, perfect angle for FaceTime and seeing notifications.

Great at your bedside

Great at your bedside. Never fumble around to find your cord, makes it easy to find at night because its always in the same position, perfect angle to see alarm clock apps.

Gorgeous finishes

Gorgeous finishes.Every dock receives a 20-step anodized finishing process. Our special glass bead blasted Docks matches Apple's premium finish they apply to iMacs and Macbooks. MatteBlack reflects little light for a murdered-out appearance that's beautiful on a desk (and will show fingerprints from greasy hands). And our new bright polished red and cerulean blue finishes look absolutely stunning.