Elevation Stand
for iMac & Apple Displays

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  • Strong, seamless unibody aluminum construction
  • Glass bead blasted finish perfectly matches your Apple display
  • Small footprint + hidden storage rids your desk of clutter
  • NanoPad suction holds your display securely to ElevationStand

Raising your monitor can improve your posture.

You'll naturally sit up straight, hunch less, and it's a lot more comfortable through the day. If you've looked for a stand, you may have felt our frustration – cheap construction, distracting aesthetics, and they take up a lot of desk space.

Introducing Elevation Stand

Strong unibody construction, seamless design, precision CNC milled, beautiful finish, hidden storage, ultra-secure, minimal, smallest footprint, gorgeous on a desk.


We use a 90 million pound press, one of the biggest in North America, to extrude its profile (Tesla uses the same press to make structures for the Model S).

Smallest footprint.

Elevation Stand takes up less space than any other stand.


No screws or parting lines. It's thick-walled and continuous.

Hides desk clutter.

Store your hard drive, USB hub, cables, Field Notes, etc. - out of view with easy access. A chamfered hole in the back lets you run cords straight through.

More comfortable.

With Elevation Stand raising your monitor 66mm, you'll naturally sit up straighter, shoulders back, and lean over less.

Made the hard way.

Elevation Stand is made with the same expensive processes Apple uses to make their monitor legs. And they look perfect together.

Gorgeous 20-step finish.

Every stand will get glass bead blasted, acid etched, electro-chemically polished, and deep anodized. It's the same finish we apply to Elevation Dock and Apple puts on Macbook Pros.

Extra Secure.

Using our NanoPad™ material, Elevation Stand locks to your monitor with thousands of microscopic air vacuums. It's strong enough to prevent your Mac from getting knocked off, yet easy to peel off.

Perfect next to a raised laptop.

It's more ergonomic and it brings the base of the screens to the same level.

Excellent with iMac.

They were designed for each other.

Great for standing desks.

Stand tall - no compensating with a high typing height or bending your neck down.

In the Box

  • Elevation Stand


  • Height: 2.5 in
  • Width: 8.875 in
  • Depth: 8.6 in
  • Weight: 3 lb, 1 oz

Top Surface Measurements

  • Width (Front): 8.5 in
  • Width (Rear): 6.75 in
  • Depth: 7.75 in