AnchorPro for headphones

AnchorPro for headphones


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  • Holds all headphones, even the heaviest audiophile & gaming, with ease.
  • Secures cords so they run taut under your desk, out of the way of your legs.
  • Premium fiber reinforced composite construction (twice the strength of cast aluminum).
  • Mounts in seconds with custom ultra-strong 3M adhesive (same that GoPro uses), with double the surface area of the original Anchor.
  • Multi-purpose hook lets you hang your keys & anything else.
  • Optional screws & drill bit included for mounting to unfinished/fibrous surfaces (that adhesive doesn't work on) or if you plan on moving it.
  • Need to remount? Get a replacement 3M adhesive kit here.

We believe decluttering your desk makes for a better working environment, can improve your focus, and lowers stress. That's why we designed the first under-desk headphone mount with The Anchor, which became one of our most popular (and most copied & counterfeited) products. And that's why we've improved it with Anchor Pro.

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Holds All Headphones with Ease

Supports even the biggest, heaviest audiophile & gaming headsets.

Keeps Cords Tidy

The hard-mounted velcro StowStrap lets you secure your cords to the base of Anchor Pro.

And out of the way of your legs.

Cords run taut under your desk and drop straight down, so they are out of the way of your legs.

Improvement on a Proven Design

Our original Anchor was born out of frustration with cord clutter, was the first under-desk headphone mount, and it's our best selling product to date (and flatteringly the most copied). With AnchorPro, we wanted to make it even better.

Did we mention it's strong?

It's the world's strongest headphone mount.

Premium Textured Composite Construction

Anchor Pro is molded with an exotic fiber reinforced polymer that has twice the strength of cast aluminum. And the nice textured finish has the perfect amount of friction for your headphones.

Mounts Securely in Seconds

Our tested, proven custom 3M adhesive (same that GoPro uses) has twice the surface area of the original for an insane hold. When you want to remove it, just warm it up with a hair dryer and it will come off easily.

Hang your keys too.

The added utility hook is great for keys and anything else you you want to hang under your desk.

Keeps a charge cable handy for wireless headphones.

It is the most convenient place to power our wireless headphones

Screw mounting hardware + extra adhesive pad included

If you have a raw wood or fiberous desk, or plan to move it to another place in the future, or plan to move it, or just want the ultimate security - AnchorPro comes with screws and a pilot hole drill bit to screw it to the bottom of your desk. And it includes an additional 3M adhesive pad too.