Before and after machined aluminum Elevation Dock


Our design philosophy

The core idea behind ElevationLab is to create aesthetic products that solve a problem and bring a little enjoyment to everyday life - whether that's hiding cord clutter, or making docking one-handed, or making it easier to charge your Apple Watch.

All ElevationLab objects are thought through in form, function and quality. All aim to achieve long-lasting everyday use and inspiration. We believe people have the right to expect the design they buy to last a lifetime. We also see that the world is becoming more and more aware of the value of long-lasting design.

We believe quality never goes out of fashion...



ElevationLab was started by Casey Hopkins in a small apartment in 2007, doing industrial design + engineering for companies big and small in the Pacific NW.

In 2012, wanting to make our own products and frustrated with Apple's Docks, we designed our own - it worked one-handed and was beautifully made from a solid piece of aluminum as opposed to Apple's white plastic. ElevationDock broke crowd-funding records, becoming the first Kickstarter project to break $1M. And we manufactured them all here in Portland, Oregon and shipped them to our backers in 92 countries. This changed ElevationLab from a design firm to a design brand.

In 2015, with the launch of Apple Watch, we designed NightStand to make daily charging easier - and it became the first Apple Watch accessory to go into all Apple stores globally. Apple even created NightStand mode for it. 

We continue to design and make new hardware today. With fresh thinking + a ton of iteration to make it perfect.

And back it up with a lifetime warranty + unconditional support.