Before and after machined aluminum Elevation Dock

ElevationLab started as an industrial design firm, helping other companies make better products. In 2012, wanting to make our own products, and frustrated with Apple's Docks, we designed our own. ElevationDock was the first to work one-handed and beautifully milled from solid aluminum. It went viral, broke crowd-funding records, and became the first Kickstarter project to break $1M. We manufactured them all here in Portland, Oregon (using over 40,000lbs of aluminum to make over 7 Eiffel towers tall of CNC machined docks) and shipped them to over 15,000+ backers in 92 countries around the world. That changed ElevationLab from a design firm to a manufacturer.

In 2015, with the announcement of Apple Watch, we designed NightStand to make daily charging easier. After a call from Cupertino and some moving of mountains, it became the first Apple Watch accessory to go into all Apple stores globally. Apple even created NightStand mode for it.

We are best known for charging. We are on the 4th version of ElevationDock - and it's fully Apple Mfi-certified. We make ElevationStand, a seamless stand for iMac. We invented The Anchor, a handy, often copied, under-desk headphone mount. We make DraftTable, a stand for iPad Pro designed for digital artists. We also make MagicGrips, a little side project to make Magic Mouse more comfortable. And we recently started shipping BatteryPro, the highest capacity Apple MFi-certified battery for iPhone & Apple Watch - it's available on

Our team continues designing & manufacturing new hardware everyday - with fresh thinking, solving overlooked annoyances, and a ton of iteration to make it perfect.

And back it up with an unconditional warranty & great support.