MagicGrips for Magic Mouse 1 & 2

MagicGrips for Magic Mouse 1 & 2


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  • Makes Magic Mouse way more comfortable.
  • Widens & relaxes your grip.
  • Creates big concave surfaces to place your fingers.
  • Great for all hand sizes, especially nice for medium & large hands.
  • Fit's Magic Mouse 1 & 2. Ambidextrous.
  • Solid silicone rubber + removable 3M adhesive.
  • Bonus: XL thumb grip included for an even wider grip.
  • Medical-grade silicone rubber
  • Custom 3M removable adhesive.
MagicGrips fit:
  • Magic Mouse 1 (removeable AA batteries).
  • Magic Mouse 2 (Lightning charging).

Customer Reviews

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I was about to buy another mouse and while searching I stumbled upon these add-on grips to the magic mouse. It has given it a new comfortable feel. Highly recommended to anyone who is tired of magic mouse hand cramps.

Highly, highly, highly recommend

I've always loved the gestural interface of the Magic Mouse, but have never been able to love it's ergonomics. Let's face it: The thing sucks to hold. But these honestly fixed that problem for me. It's still not perfect, it's not going to be the most comfortable thing in the world. But it went from being absolutely awful to being actually kinda alright. I highly recommend.

magic mouse keynote

Magic Mouse is one of the most beautiful products Apple has ever made. It's symmetrical in two directions, minimal, and the materials are perfect.

magic mouse uncomfortable

Unfortunately, great aesthetics ≠ great ergonomics. Magic Mouse is very narrow, your fingers rest on the sharp top edge, and the sides curve inward. It's uncomfortable for a lot of people.

So as a little side project, we wanted to make it better. We made over 100 prototypes to get a design we really liked (and thanks everyone who helped test them). We found hand ergonomics are really hard because there are widely varying hand sizes, people hold mice differently, and what feels good short term isn't necessarily comfortable long term.

Introducing MagicGrips. They give your mouse a large concave surface to rest your fingers and a slightly wider grip that feels great. They install easily, are made of premium medical-grade silicone rubber, and fit perfectly. MagicGrips even look good, complimenting Apple’s industrial design.

More comfortable. The concave surface along 75% of the sides of the mouse makes it comfortable to hold, you can squeeze your mouse as hard as you please without it wedging upwards, and the wider grip relieves strain.

Two size options included. Mice are not a one size fits all solution. We added an extra wide and tall grip if you prefer it (about 1/3 of our testers do) - so you can try both and decide which you like.

Precise fit. We had Apple’s mouse 3D laser scanned for an exact fit. The sidewalls above the aluminum have a slight offset so they don’t interfere with the click travel.

Easy to mount. Our 3M adhesive makes it easy to put on your mouse and swap sizes. It is strong enough to stay on securely, but easy to peel off. We recommend you try them first without removing the adhesive film to decide which size you like .

Try them risk-free. That's right - give them a spin, we'll give you your money back if you don't think they are an improvement. So dust off that Magic Mouse that you stuck in your drawer 2 years ago, in favor of that ergonomic Logitech mouse that doesn't have Multi-touch - and make your hand happy and workflow better.

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