TagVault: Keychain for AirTag

TagVault: Keychain for AirTag


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  • The first waterproof case for Apple AirTags.
  • Compact design, won't bulk up your keychain.
  • Ultra-durable composite construction with stainless steel hardware.
  • Designed for the real world. Other open designs let AirTags get scratched and take abuse from everything else in your pocket (sorry Hermès).
  • Discrete, doesn't visually broadcast that it's an AirTag case.
  • Never lose your keys again. And useful on other things like backpacks, luggage, jackets, purse, your child's backpack...
  • Signal & sound pass through. The chirp is about 2/3 the volume of an uncased AirTag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Carl Cerletty

This nice hardshell case is perfect for attachment to my suitcases. Indestructible? Maybe. So far so good. Very happy with the quality! I already ordered a 2nd! And maybe be ordering more.

Nice stealthy solution

Original 4-pack had issues, fast replacements solved the problem. Nice, stealthy solution to adding tags w/out flashing the shiny Apple logo for the world to see. Only wish would be a carabiner attachment instead of keyring but that's an easy fix.

Larry Dumlao
Awesome and it works!

I recently purchased a set of Apple Air Tags. While I used plain old holders for a few of them, I saved a couple to slap into the Tag Vaults. As an avid SCUBA diver, I wanted to really test one of these little fellas, so I took one down to fifty meters.

Verdict? Works as advertised. After about a dozen dives with max depths ranging from 36 to 50 meters, I can say that they kept my air tag well protected and functioning.

My only beef? I wish they came in different colors!

JR Smith

I had received a few that had the screws torqued down quite hard, so I stripped them while trying to remove with the tiny Torx key provided.
The company was nice enough to send new ones! If you get some that are difficult to screw apart, use a T6 Torx bit on a screwdriver for more leverage. Amazon has some cheap small bit toolkits if you don’t have one already

The cases are machined very nicely with great tolerances

Glenn Doren
Worth the wait--so far, so great...

I pre-ordered 4 of these, and was a bit frustrated with the wait. BUT... finally arrived, customer service was excellent (they even split the order into 2 shipments so my gf could receive them in another state!), and the keychain case is exactly what I hoped for. It's solid, protects the WHOLE airtag, minimal/slick design and the airtag still functions in it! My only concern: whether those screws will get stripped over time as you replace the battery. Aside from that, love it. They even include a mini Allen wrench-like screwdriver for the screws! Nice job.

Compact Design

Great on a keychain.

Waterproof & Durable

Takes all the abuse you can give it.

Premium Construction

Composite body with stainless Torx hardware.

Sound & Signal Pass Through

Our tough case is engineered to be invisible to AirTag's UltraWide band signal and the chirp is about 2/3 the volume of an uncased AirTag.