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Jet Black - New Experimental finish

November 07, 2016

To match the beautiful Jet Black iPhone 7, we made some special super-polished ElevationDocks with some special anodizing to match the finish. Apple may make the finish look easy with their robotic polishers in fluffy media and mid-anodizing magnetic polishing... we can tell you it's definitely not easy and have a lot of props to them for making such a beautiful and delicate finish.

Jet Black Elevation Dock CNC

For us, we are hand polishing them in 10 steps of coarse to fine media. And we iterated our anodizing process to keep it shiny, non-cloudy, and hard. And we put some turtle wax on for good measure. If you look really closely there are micro-size scratches in the finish, but they are not visible at useable lengths.

It looks absolutely stunning.


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Factory Raw: Limited Run Finish

December 14, 2015

Straight from our CNC mills - machining marks and all. These raw ElevationDock 3's have a bright, gorgeous, utilitarian look. You can see exactly how they were 5-axis milled, held, and hand deburred. They look cool on a desk and are popular around our office (mostly with machined rejects), so we thought it would be cool to offer a small run of them for the holidays.

An oxide patina will naturally develop over time and you can polish as desired, just like an aluminum car wheel. And there is zero branding. Get them here →


 (And ElevationDock 3 works great with Apple's new battery cases!)

NightStand at your local Apple Store

August 26, 2015

NightStands now come in some beautiful new colors & new packaging - you can find them in Apple Stores around the globe beginning today.

For any designer, to see something you made out in the wild is a special experience. So today is a real trip for our tiny little Portland company.

If you don't want to hunt for your magnetic charger again, stop by an Apple store and pick one up. Premium silicone construction, minimal, locks to your bedside via air suction, and the cord removes easily for travel. And it will be even better with Nightstand Mode coming in WatchOS 2 (we've been using the beta version and its a really great, useful feature).

A newer, better, ElevationDock

June 01, 2015

Today we launched an update to our iPhone dock.

It's wider to fit a bigger generation of phones, ships with an Apple-certified Lightning connector (that you can assemble in seconds with the new tool-free back plate), and we've added some new lateral supports for added stability.

And we've got some awesome finishes: Bright Polished Red and Cerulean Blue. The anodizing is extra thick and they are even more beautiful in person.

Introducing NightStand

April 22, 2015

Daily charging is Apple Watch's Achilles heel, we wanted to make it better. With NightStand, you can just toss your watch on, from out of the corner of your eye, without precise alignment. It locks to your bedside table so you'll never fumble for a cord. Makes undocking a fast and one-handed.

Solid, soft, seamless, medical-grade silicone construction. Minimal, low-profile, and pleasantly compact. 

We went though a lot of prototypes to get our final design, and we're really happy about it. Ships May 29th.


Introducing Elevation Stand!

April 22, 2014

Raise your monitor for better comfort & postureElevation Stand is ultra-strong, seamless, holds to your monitor with air suction, and made at a whole new level of quality See the project

To make ElevationStand seamless, we're using a 90 million pound press (one of the biggest in North America) to extrude its profile - Tesla uses the same machine to make large structures for the Model S. It's then precision CNC machined to final form and beautifully glass bead blasted and anodized. 

It's the only stand made the way Apple makes the beautiful one-piece legs of their monitors and they look perfect together.

Hide your hard drives and anything else you have cluttering your desk. A chamfered hole lets you run a cord straight through.

New Finish: Matte Cyan

December 13, 2013

She's lightly textured with a soft glass bead blast, then deep anodized this beautiful shade of blue. Quantities are limited - we are going to start doing different limited runs of special finishes like this on a seasonal basis.

How your Elevation Dock is Made

November 20, 2013


Go full screen for the best experienceAll steps of manufacturing are done within a ten mile radius of our shop in Portland. Thanks to all our original KS backers for making this a reality. This cut was originally made for XOXO fest, shot with a Canon 7D, 6D and GoPros.

Lightning Adapters Updated

October 31, 2013

Our Lightning adapters are now shipping with an updated design that makes installation easier and is adjustable to accept Apple's new 2 meter cord, which has a slightly larger head. Its new two-piece, symmetrical design with dual clamping bolts ensures a very square and strong clamping force. We also added a ledge so the cord head is easily positioned at the right vertical height.

Machined to high tolerances from solid aluminum in the USA.

Happy 4th!

July 02, 2013


We’re getting in the spirit of July 4th with our Hand Polished Red and Blue iPhone 5 docks. Quantity is limited as we make them in small batches, so make sure to order yours while you still can!

Custom Laser Etching is Here!

April 23, 2013

You can now laser etch your ElevationDock! We have been perfecting the process for months and it was really worth it. Its ultra-high 600dpi resolution and leaves a matte whitish mark. It looks beautifully subtle on standard glass bead blasted docks and high contrast on black and colored docks.

Be creative, be expressive, create something original, take some chances. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!  

To customize and order your own, head here.

#elevationdock Winners

February 11, 2013

Thanks to everyone for posting your instagram #elevationdock pictures, so many good ones! Congratulations to the 5 winners chosen by our in-house jury:


By @dentedileone


By @kcastermans 


By @jibbering


 By @shaunbender

 By @rruggio 

Photo Contest: Where you work

January 21, 2013

Show us where you make your art, hack your code, do your work... and use your ElevationDock. Just post on Instagram with the hashtag #elevationdock and we will find and aggregate them.

The 5 best, most interesting pictures will win their choice of ElevationDock. Judging is by our in-house team. 

You've only got two weeks - deadline is February 5th! Post that ultra-minimal desk, your multi-monitor NASA control station, your Banksy art studio and win!

You can follow us on twitter & Instagram

Good luck!

2012: Year in Review

January 16, 2013

Breaking records

ElevationDock hit its Kickstarter funding goal in 8 hours, tripled the previous 24hr record and became the first crowd-funded project to cross $1M dollars.

It closed at $1,464,706 on February 11th, 50% larger than any previous project. That's over 20,000 docks for 12,521 backers in 96 different countries.

Off the chart level of pressure.

Scaling mass manufacturing in the USA

We bought 40,000 lbs of aluminum alloy direct from a mill and had it extruded here in Portland with a custom die just a hair over the profile of the Dock to cut down on machining (thats over 2 miles of thick extruded material - an insane amount).

Moving metal. We made 12 tooling fixtures that hold 22 docks each to run in 5 connected multi axis CNC machining centers. Less than one hour down time per day.  Each dock required three different manual position changes. Over 4 million toolpath inches. Wore out over 400 endmills and taps. 16,000 pounds of chips were recycled.

Churning. We tuned and automated our machining processes to reach 800 Dock per day production. Our vendors for hired 8 more people to handle the load. 90% of production was within 10 miles of Portland.

Taking a dip. All raw docks are carefully transported across town for glass bead blasting, electro-chemical polishing, anodizing and sealing. This 16-step finishing process proved to be our biggest challenge to scale with all the variables and chemistry involved that affect the final finish.

Lasers. Lots of them.

Custom connector. We designed and manufactured the first and only custom low-friction 30pin connector. An extremely intricate and risky part to make with 5 different molded plastic and formed metal parts.  And it worked great the first time we put them all together - easily remove your dock with one hand. She didn't last long though...

New shop

We moved into a new shop on the Portland Eastside. All assembly, quality control and shipping goes down here. We grew from 2 to 12 people.

Real Artists Ship

In the second half of 2012, we sent over 30,000 docks to the world. 30% international. All the finished Docks lined up would stretch over a mile - more than 7 Eiffel towers of Docks. Going zero to production to shipping takes an army.


Apple’s iPhone5 debuted with the new all-digital Lightning connector. Within a month, we designed and started shipping machined aluminum Lightning cord mounts to retrofit docks for the new connector.

Launched New Website.

Designed new retail packaging. 360 view. Debossed and spot varnished. Manufacturing process photos on the bottom. All docks ordered from our store now come dressed in it.

Support. We sent over 13,000 emails to backers and new customers. A very difficult thing to scale up and down - after a Kickstarter update we could get 500+ emails and a ton more the following days. At any time, we have 2-6 people answering customer questions.

Thank you

Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers for believing in us and making this project a reality. We are lucky to live in this new era of hardware design where we can go over the huge traditional barriers of capital and middlemen to deliver a high-quality wares, that would never exist otherwise, straight from us to you.

- Casey + ElevationLab

Lightning Strikes

November 20, 2012

Enjoy your dock for many years to come with our premium Lightning adapters. All metal, 5-axis CNC machined, tumble polished, and bright red anodized. The look beautiful in our docks and work really well. They hold the cord high so you can use it with cases. Sets your phone at a 9.5 degree back angle. Made in Portland, OR.

1. Use the supplied hex wrenches to unscrew remove your bottom plate, circuit board and plastic supports.

2. Insert your Lightning cord into the Lightning mount. Its a tight fit by design, but we added small chamfers to make it easier to get started. Push the cord up until it is flush with the bottom of the adapter.

4. Tighten the clamp on the Adapter.

5. Bolt into your ElevationDock and replace the backplate.

New site!

November 02, 2012

Welcome! We've got all new iPhone5 docks, plus all-machined Lightning adapters to upgrade your 30pin ElevationDock! Special thanks to Dave and Darren for help coding and all the revisions.

Apologize to anyone running IE6!