Introducing DraftTable for iPad Pro

Introducing DraftTable for iPad Pro

We are thrilled to release DraftTable for iPad Pro. It's the result of hundreds of hours of testing and iteration with artists, designers and heavy iPad users to make the very best stand for working on iPad pro.

Like a traditional drafters table, it is ultra-sturdy, widely adjustable, and designed around ergonomics.

The main surface is laser cut steel with a matte black finish. The legs are fiber reinforced composite polymer for high strength. And a textured silicone pad gives it grip. The legs have are engineered with internal springs that let you just pop them into place. And it has super wide angle adjustment.

Its designed for designers, artists, and photographers - and because it works well for them, it will work well for anyone that uses iPad Pro + Pencil - as a second monitor, editing spreadsheets, marking up pdf's, editing. 

In production, ships in 3 weeks!

Jet Black - New Experimental finish

::Update:: - The manufacturing fallout from making these fingerprint-loving docks was too high, even after a dozen process revisions, so we're not continuing making these after our second run. Recommend going with the Matte Black finish, it's super beautiful with all color iPhones. 


To match the beautiful Jet Black iPhone 7, we made some special super-polished ElevationDocks with some special anodizing to match the finish. Apple may make the finish look easy with their robotic polishers in fluffy media and mid-anodizing magnetic polishing... we can tell you it's definitely not easy and have a lot of props to them for making such a beautiful and delicate finish.

Jet Black Elevation Dock CNC

For us, we are hand polishing them in 10 steps of coarse to fine media. And we iterated our anodizing process to keep it shiny, non-cloudy, and hard. And we put some turtle wax on for good measure. If you look really closely there are micro-size scratches in the finish, but they are not visible at useable lengths.

It looks absolutely stunning.


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Factory Raw: Limited Run Finish

Straight from our CNC mills - machining marks and all. These raw ElevationDock 3's have a bright, gorgeous, utilitarian look. You can see exactly how they were 5-axis milled, held, and hand deburred. They look cool on a desk and are popular around our office (mostly with machined rejects), so we thought it would be cool to offer a small run of them for the holidays.

An oxide patina will naturally develop over time and you can polish as desired, just like an aluminum car wheel. And there is zero branding. Get them here →


 (And ElevationDock 3 works great with Apple's new battery cases!)