Straight from our CNC mills - machining marks and all. These raw ElevationDock 3's have a bright, gorgeous, utilitarian look. You can see exactly how they were 5-axis milled, held, and hand deburred. They look cool on a desk and are popular around our office (mostly with machined rejects), so we thought it would be cool to offer a small run of them for the holidays.

An oxide patina will naturally develop over time and you can polish as desired, just like an aluminum car wheel. And there is zero branding. Get them here →


 (And ElevationDock 3 works great with Apple's new battery cases!)

NightStands now come in some beautiful new colors & new packaging - you can find them in Apple Stores around the globe beginning today.

For any designer, to see something you made out in the wild is a special experience. So today is a real trip for our tiny little Portland company.

If you don't want to hunt for your magnetic charger again, stop by an Apple store and pick one up. Premium silicone construction, minimal, locks to your bedside via air suction, and the cord removes easily for travel. And it will be even better with Nightstand Mode coming in WatchOS 2 (we've been using the beta version and its a really great, useful feature).

Today we launched an update to our iPhone dock.

It's wider to fit a bigger generation of phones, ships with an Apple-certified Lightning connector (that you can assemble in seconds with the new tool-free back plate), and we've added some new lateral supports for added stability.

And we've got some awesome finishes: Bright Polished Red and Cerulean Blue. The anodizing is extra thick and they are even more beautiful in person.

Daily charging is Apple Watch's Achilles heel, we wanted to make it better. With NightStand, you can just toss your watch on, from out of the corner of your eye, without precise alignment. It locks to your bedside table so you'll never fumble for a cord. Makes undocking a fast and one-handed.

Solid, soft, seamless, medical-grade silicone construction. Minimal, low-profile, and pleasantly compact. 

We went though a lot of prototypes to get our final design, and we're really happy about it. Ships May 29th.