TagVault: Pet (PreOrder) for AirTag

TagVault: Pet (PreOrder) for AirTag


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  • Comfortable & secure AirTag mount for pets.
  • Doesn't dangle.
  • Waterproof, dogs can swim with it.
  • Durable composite construction + CNC machined stainless hardware.
  • Works with any width collar or harness.
  • Works with collar thicknesses all the way up to 0.20"/5mm (Which is about 99% of collars. Some doubled up leather or studded collars are too thick).
  • Fits dogs and cats over about 10lbs. (Smaller than that, it's pretty big on the neck, but still works).
  • Front screws let you change the AirTag battery without taking it off the collar.
  • Signal & sound passes through.
  • Patent pending thru-collar mount uses custom piercing self-tapping screws that are easy to install with our supplied Torx driver.

Customer Reviews

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Alex Hirsch

It is exactly as described and pictured. Our dog has never run away, and hopefully never will, but this provides peace of mind knowing where to look if he does.

As with the keychain model, I very much appreciate the minimalist design and clear focus on good engineering.

Well done.

Great product!

I preordered this product in May, and it was well worth the wait. Love how it securely attaches to my dog’s collar. I used a keychain holder while waiting for this to ship, and this is better in every way. Doesn’t dangle, it’s water proof, and it is sleek.

Secure & Comfortable

We love our pets. This is the AirTag collar mount designed for them.

Works With All Collar Widths

Fits virtually all collars. Harnesses too. And thicknesses up to 3/16” (5mm), which is almost all collars we’ve seen except doubled up leather.

Thru-Collar Design

Our patent pending design pierces your collar and holds extremely well. It is ultra-secure, easy to assemble, and comfortable for your pet.


Your dog will love swimming with it.

Premium Construction

Ultra-durable composite body. Machined stainless fasteners.

Have Peace of Mind

Apple's AirTag signal can be picked up by your iPhone around the house. And by other iPhones if your pet runs away.

No Dangling

Your pet won't notice its there.