MagBase for Apple MagSafe Charger

MagBase for Apple MagSafe Charger


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      • Makes your Apple MagSafe Charger much better to use.
      • Pull up to take the cord with you or slide to release. 
      • Included: 3ft USB-C extension cord to double the cord length.
      • Minimal footprint, barely larger than the charger.
      • Locks to smooth surfaces with micro air suction.
      • Keeps your area tidy, your charger always goes back to the same location.

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      Makes MagSafe Better

      MagBase lets you disconnect with one hand, gives MagSafe charger a home so it's always in the same place, doubles your cord length, and keeps your area tidy.

      Pull Up to Use While Charging

      Pick up iPhone and Apple's MagSafe Charger stays attached. When you're done, just pop it back into place.

      Or Slide to Undock

      Slide to the side to take your phone and leave the Charger.

      Keeps MagSafe Tidy

      Mounts MagSafe Charger to a single spot, keeping it from sliding around.

      Doubles Cord Length

      Included 3ft USB-C cord extends your reach to 6ft.

      Minimal Footprint

      Designed to be barely larger than MagSafe Charger itself.

      Holds Strong

      MagBase locks to smooth surfaces by micro air suction. If you decide to move it, rinse it off, air dry, and re-stick.

      Soft Silicone Construction

      Premium medical-grade silicone protects your MagSafe Charger and won't scratch your iPhone.