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Support / Nightpad
Will NightPad work if I have metal on my case?
No, NightPad has auto-metallic rejection and will not charge. Induction doesn't work well if metal is near the coils.
What is the plug type into the NightPad?
It has MicroUSB input, USB-A output.
Will NightPad fast charge with a 12W Apple USB charger?
No, NightPad needs a Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC) 2.0/3.0 rated charger that can output higher voltage (9V) and higher power than standard USB. We recommend a QC 15W or higher charger.
My iPhone stopped charging at 80%. What's up?
iPhone will sometimes stop charging at 80% if it gets too warm. Apple says "Your iPhone might get slightly warmer while it charges. To extend the lifespan of your battery, if the battery gets too warm, software might limit charging above 80 percent. Your iPhone will charge again when the temperature drops. Try moving your iPhone and charger to a cooler location." More here:
Support / ElevationDock 3
Which cases fit with ElevationDock 3?
ElevationDock 3 fits 95% of cases. The cases that don't work (or don't work well) are extra thick waterproof cases with flaps over the connector.
It fits cases up to 2.5mm (0.1in) thick in the back with the short side of the rubber backpad protruding. If you remove the backpad, you can fit cases up to 4.25mm (0.17in) thick.
And the max width is 86.8mm (3.41in).
The Nanopad is holding hard, how do I release it?
The NanoPad suction grips hardest to smooth surfaces. If you are having trouble moving your dock, grip it firmly and slowly roll it toward you, pulling up the back first. May take up to 5 seconds to fully release.
Another method is to gently pull up and twist.
If you would like it to not hold as hard, you can cover part of the NanoPad with tape, reducing the surface area that will contact your desk.
Where is the Lightning cable?
It ships next to the ElevationDock 3 box, not inside.
How long is the Lightning cord?
It is 3ft (1m) long.
How do I adjust the dock for different size cases?
Pull out and flip (or remove altogether) the black rubber pad against the back of the phone and two to support the bottom to give a perfect fit for your case.
Support / The Anchor
Can I reposition the adhesive?
The anchor is designed to protect your headphones, so the adhesive we use is strong and designed to be permanent (it's the same adhesive GoPro uses on all their mounts). In most cases, you can reposition it though - and if it holds too strong for you to remove, heat it up with a hair dryer. If you need another 3M adhesive pad, you can find them here.
What surfaces will the Anchor adhere to?
The custom 3M adhesive on the Anchor can hold with over 40 pounds of force to clean, finished surfaces. It will not hold well to unfinished wood, MDF, fiberous surfaces, or oily/dirty surfaces. If the bottom of your desk is unfinished, we recomend you finish it with poluyurethane varnish or acrylic paint. You can also alternately screw the Anchor into the desk with wood screws.
Support / Nightstand
What bands work with NightStand?
The NightStand works will all bands except the stainless link.
Magnetic Connector is coming out?
When you press the cord into the rear slot, make sure it isn't under high tension with the magnetic head - this can make the top want to come out. To relieve the tension, you can push the cord in from the back a few millimeters.
If you have any further issues, please email us and we will take care of you -
Support / DraftTable
One of the legs is making a clicking sound.
Send us an email and we will get it taken care of -
Support / Elevation Stand
Which iMacs and Apple Displays does ElevationStand work with?
ElevationStand works with all iMacs and Apple Displays except for the 30" Cinema Display.
Smaller 24" monitors will be inset on the stand. The legs of the 27" iMacs and Apple displays vary by ~1/8" in width and less than half a degree in angle. The edge of Elevation Stand extends by an 1/8" on either side beyond the widest geometry so they all look nice.
Size, weight, strength?
The Elevation Stand raises your screen 66mm (~2.6 inches), it weighs just over 3 lbs, and is strong enough to support an elephant.
Support / Magic Grips
Are MagicGrips removable?
Yes they are removeable. They may leave a little adhesive behind - it can usually be removed with your fingernail. If your adhesive fails you, give us an email -
Support / Battery Pro
How do I turn it off/on?
Tapping the button once will turn it on sensing mode for 15 minutes, then it will go into hibernation. To completely turn the battery on/off, hold the button for 5 seconds.
Charging iPhone slower than expected?
It should charge at full rate. Try a different cord to see if that is the issue. Otherwise, email us at
Support / Cord Dock
What cases does it work with? What are the base plates for?
CordDock works with cases up to 4mm thick (that's most cases except for OtterBox). You can use CordDock with the tall baseplates (they installed), the medium height pads, or no pads at all.
How can I make it easier to dock?
Rotate the back pads all the way up the back of the phone or case so they are parallel with each other. This makes re-docking the cord much easier - just slide it down into place.
Can more cords be purchased?
Sure, just email us. If your's breaks for some reason though, we are happy to get you a replacement.
The NanoPad bottom isn't holding very well.
The NanoPad holds via micro air suction to smooth surfaces. If it gets dirty, it will not hold well. You can clean it by wiping with a damp cloth and letting it air dry.
Support / Elevation Dock 4
The NanoPad is not holding?
If it gets dirty/dusty, it will not hold well. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth, then let air dry for a few minutes and it will be good to go.
How to adjust the Lightning connector height?
Use the screws on the back to adjust the stand to fit your device.
The Lightning connector came off.
Send us a note and we will get you a replacement! A small percentage of the first manufacturing run had some bad welds at the base.
Support / Elevation Shelf
Can I reposition the adhesive?
The adhesive we use for ElevationShelf is strong and is designed to be permanent (it's the same adhesive GoPro uses on all their mounts). In most cases, you can reposition it though - and if it holds too strong for you to remove, heat it up with a hair dryer. If you need another 3M adhesive pad, send us an email and we'll help you out.
What surfaces will Elevation Shelf adhere to?
The custom 3M adhesive on ElevationShelf can hold up to 2 lbs with adhesive and up to 40 lbs when screwed to your desk. It will not hold well to unfinished wood, MDF, fibrous surfaces, or oily/dirty surfaces. If the bottom of your desk is unfinished, we recommend you finish it with polyurethane varnish or acrylic paint. You can also alternately screw ElevationShelf into the desk with the included wood screws.
Support / Family Charger
Not all of my connectors are working?
Make sure that the family charger cord is fully plugged into the power adapter, this should quickly solve the problem.
Why is my MacBook charging slow?
Family Charger outputs 12W via USB-C. You can charge your MacBook overnight with it, but we recommend using a dedicated charger for much faster charge speeds.
Support / TagVault: Keychain
When will my order ship?
Now shipping!
Support / TagVault: Pet
How do I install TagVault: Pet?
Follow the included installation guide: Setup Guide
Support / MagBase
The NanoPad is not holding?
Remove plastic film. If pull tab is missing, use a knife or other sharp object to peel the film up to peel off. Make sure you're attaching it to a smooth finished surface.

Also if it gets dirty/dusty, it will not hold well. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth, then let air dry for a few minutes and it will be good to go.

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