ElevationHub for MacBook USB-C Power Adapters

ElevationHub for MacBook USB-C Power Adapters


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    • Gives you great cord management (Apple dropped the pop-out cord winders when they went USB-C, this brings it back with a better design).
    • Gives you SD & USB ports - always with you, without a dongle.
    • Perfectly fits MacBook Pro USB-C chargers (61W, 87W & 96W).
    • Premium 6ft USB-C 3.0 cable, gives you 10x faster data than the Apple USB-C 2.0 cord that ships with your MacBook. 
    • Special electronics let it pass thru high voltage PD power and have fast USB 3.0 data transfer speeds. Outputs up to 61W.
    • First of its kind product, indispensable once you have one.
    • USB-C (passthrough up to 61W, USB 3.0)
    • USB-A 3.0 port
    • SD Card Reader (>50MB/s)
    • Optional, premium 6ft USB-C 3.0 cable (20V/3A)
    • Fits all MacBook USB-C power adapters (61W, 87W, 96W). Fit varies depending on charger size.
    • Not recommended for 30W USB-C power adapters.

    Customer Reviews

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    Fantastic adapter
    The idea is solid. Build finish 3d printish

    Great Cord Management

    Apple ditched the pop out cord winders when they went from MagSafe to USB-C. Elevation Hub brings the cord management back with an even better design - it keeps your cord wrapped tight (you can toss it around like baseball) and will not come undone.

    Always have SD & USB ports - without a dongle

    ElevationHub mounts to your MacBook charger and gives you a fast SD card reader and full size USB 3.0 port all the time - so you don't need to remember a dongle.

    Perfectly fits MacBook Chargers

    ElevationHub perfectly matches the geometry of your USB-C MacBook charger and they become one solid unit.

    Keeps Your Bag Tidy

    No more cord explosions.

    ElevationLab USB-C 3.0 Cord
    Apple USB-C

    Ultra-fast USB-C 3.0 cable

    With more lanes of data and extra shielding, our 6' USB-C 3.0 cable delivers much faster data than the USB-C cord that ships with your MacBook. And its extra strong strain relief lets it endure a lot of abuse.

    Advanced Power Electronics

    Elevation Hub's clever electronics let it pass through PD power with changing voltages. And it drops the voltage to be able to work as a hub with the USB and SD card ports that operate at fast USB 3.0 speeds. Outputs up to 61W.

    How the Strap Works

    Premium reinforced and rubberized straps use an inner velcro connection to secure it to your charger. And another set to secure your cord.

    The Indispensable Accessory for MacBook

    Ends the cord clutter + important port access whenever you need it.