Elevation Shelf Under-Desk Shelf Mount.

Elevation Shelf Under-Desk Shelf Mount.


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  • Adds under-desk storage in seconds.
  • Helps declutter your desk. Keeps item out of sight & easy to access.
  • Holds securely with our premium 3M VHB adhesive. Wood screws also included for higher weight capacity and for unfinished surfaces that adhesive doesn't work on.
  • Premium fiber-reinforced construction.
  • Includes an adhesive backed CordClip to secure/organize incoming cables, you can place it anywhere you like.
  • Especially great for standing desks - raises/lowers with the desk.
  • Interior dimensions: 6.75" wide, 2.75" tall, 8" deep

Customer Reviews

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Love it. Keeps my desk clean


Declutter your desk

Keeps your items out of sight & easy to access.

Have better focus

A clean desk keeps distractions at bay.

Mounts securely in seconds

Our tested, proven custom 3M adhesive (same that GoPro uses) holds very strong to clean finished surfaces. Screw hardware also included for unfinished desks.

Premium fiber-reinforced construction

ElevationShelf is molded with a fiber reinforced polymer that has twice the strength of cast aluminum. The hex design on the underside gives the shelf extra strength and a gorgeous aesthetic.

Especially great for adjustable desks

ElevationShelf raises and lowers with your desk. We actually designed it for our own adjustable desks.

A convenient place to charge

ElevationShelf has a hole in the back to run cables through so you can use it for charging, mounting a USB hub, anything you want.

Keeps cords tidy

The included CordClip also mounts anywhere under your desk, keeps cords taut and away from your legs.

Screw mounting hardware + CordClip included

If you have a raw wood or fibrous desk, or plan to move it, or just want the ultimate security, ElevationShelf comes with screws and a pilot hole drill bit to screw it to the bottom of your desk.