DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro

DraftTable V2 for iPad Pro


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  • Engineered to be rock solid at all positions - so it doesn’t move when you draw on it.
  • Extra wide angle adjustment range with easy to adjust spring-loaded legs.
  • Updated design: Top pad works with camera bumps + bigger front lip.
  • Great alone with native apps & when tethered to a Mac (with AstroPad or Duet Display).
  • Folds thin for storage.
  • The Pro Kit includes ArmRest to let you draw all day without fatigue & PencilStand which locks to your desk with our NanoPad underside so it can't tip.
  • Designed for & by professional digital artists.  And because of that, it works fantastic for everybody - photographers, app developers, writers, as a second monitor with your Mac, etc.
  • Great for Wacom tablets too, popular with the Mobile Studio Pro.
  • Perfect for SideCar in MacOS. You may have seen Apple using DraftTable to demo Sidecar to everyone at WWDC 2020.
  • 2.1lbs
  • 11.2" x 9.6" x 1.5"

Customer Reviews

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You need this!

I’ve been a mobile illustrator for the past 10 years with the iPad as my tool of choice. DraftTable has been my go-to stand since October 2016 (over 4 years). It’s truly heavy duty and can withstand hours of work… and my heavy hand. As a bonus, the metal body allows the magnets of the iPad Pro to lock itself in place. Also, the magnetic pull of the new Apple Pencil will lock to DraftTable as well for safekeeping.
Get one today. Tell ‘em RobZilla sent ya. Go!


When will it be back in stock ??? I’m really in need of one please make it available by this end of September.

In need of this

Please get this in stock asap. I am an artist and am really in need of one urgently .

When will it be available again?

I am really looking forward to buy this product. Is the stock affected by Coronavirus for a moment or have you permanently stopped production for this product? Will it be available in the future?

The best

This is simply the best stand all in one to draw in the iPad Pro like a Wacom Cintiq, the only bad thing I can say, is that the arm cushion, it may be comfortable sometimes but is completely unnecessary, if you want to draw with an iPad, is the best stand designed for it.

"DraftTable is a fantastic ergonomic stand for creatives using Astropad as their Cintiq alternative."
- Matt Rounge, Co-founder AstroPad
"We’re really impressed."
- Matt Dobson, Procreate

Existing iPad stands are designed for smaller iPads, mainly for consumption. With iPad Pro, they are flimsy, lack adjustment, and annoying to use. We wanted something like a traditional drafters table - sturdy, solid and comfortable all-day.

So we designed DraftTable

The first adjustable stand made for working on iPad Pro.

Wide Angle Adjustment

Put iPad Pro in the best position for whatever you're doing.

Works with All Size iPads

Fit your giant 13” iPad Pro and all the way down to an iPad Mini. With virtually any case.

Updated Design

We added indents to protect your iPad's camera bumps + a larger front lip for thick cases.

Easy Angle Changes

We engineered hidden internally spring-loaded hinges that lock open and closed.

Ultra. Stable.

Unlike other adjustable stands, DraftTable doesn't move, shake, or tip when you draw on it.

Turns iPad Pro into a Wacom
 Cintiq-like input for Mac.

Radically change your workflow. The high-res, low latency iPad Pro + Pencil, paired with DraftTable and the app AstroPad, opens a new world of input for your Mac. DraftTable has the same wide angle range as a Cintiq.

A pro tool for artists, designers, photographers.

DraftTable + iPad Pro + Pencil is super great for digital artists, it's awesome for photographers, and anyone doing creative work on iPad Pro. And because of that, it's great for everything else - marking up pdf's, reading, Alto's Adventure.

Supports Your Arm

The included ArmRest lets you draw all-day without your arm falling off & lets you keep your palm off the glass to keep it clean. It works like a fulcrum with your arm and the edge of your desk - making your hand nearly weightless. And your arm slides easily on the low-friction top.

Premium Construction

No expense spared.

Keeps Your Pencil Handy

The included silicone PencilStand locks to your desk with air suction so it won't tip over.

Folds flat for storage & travel.

The legs on DraftTable fold flat, so you can hide it just about anywhere. Or put in your backpack to take it with you to the coffee shop.

You'll use your iPad Pro a lot more

Don't let your iPad end up in a drawer, rarely used. DraftTable creates a home for your iPad, so it's always ready to use (we keep ours next to our Macs and use it everyday with both native and tethered apps).

Now Even Better With Sidecar

With Sidecar on macOS Catalina you can use your iPad as a second monitor and as an input device.

Apps we love using on DraftTable

From artistic apps, to productivity, to video & photo editing. Any app you do real work on will benefit from DraftTable.

AstroPad. Magically turns iPad Pro into a Wacom Cintiq-like input for your Mac.
Duet Display. Turns iPad into a low-latency second monitor.
LightRoom. Edit RAW photos with your Pencil, especially great for touching up, syncs with your desktop.
Concepts. Fun sketching and ideation app.
Procreate. Super powerful drawing, painting, & illustration.
Adobe Sketch. Great sketching and illustrating app.
Paper by WeTransfer. A long time favorite, easy to use, powerful drawing app.
Pixelmator. Advanced, layer based image editor.

So that's DraftTable

Well made, improves the way you work, and makes iPad Pro more useful.

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