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Draft Table for iPad Pro Draft Table for iPad Pro
DraftTable for iPad Pro
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We can laser any art you want in high resolution.
$139-$149 depending on finish.


"This is the best stand we've used for iPad Pro." -Giovanni Donelli, AstoPad AstroPad transforms your iPad into a Wacom Cintiq-like input for your mac.

“Changes the game for artists.” Matt Dobson, Procreate Procreate is the premier drawing app for iPad Pro.



-- Story -- (I don't think the way i have it laid out is great, but the copy for this section is pretty good/concise)


Existing adjustable iPad stands are designed for smaller iPads, primarily for consumption. With iPad Pro, they are flimsy, lack wide adjustment, and dance all over the place. 


We wanted something like a traditional drafters table. Sturdy, widely adjustable, and comfortable all day.

So we designed DraftTable, the first stand for working on iPad Pro.

  • It’s rock-solid - doesn’t move, shake or tip when you draw on it.
  • Has wide angle adjustment (same range as a Wacom Cintiq).
  • Works great on all sizes of iPad pro.
  • Ships with gel wrist support + PencilStand
  • Folds flat for storage.


-- Feature blocks/marketing points --


Ultra-Stable. You can draw, touch, and rest your palm on your iPad, at all angles, without it moving or shaking. (Not 100% sure what the correlated image/animation would be, but something that gets the point across fast and clearly). 

Wide angle adjustment. DraftTable places your work surface from 7 all the way to 47 degrees. This is the same range as a Wacom Cintiq and gives you plenty of range for drawing, using as a second monitor, etc. And you can change it quickly. (Either that lineup image at different heights or an animation like ten one does it)

Works for all sizes of iPad Pros + cases. It works great with all iPads and virtually all cases. 

Premium Construction. The top is made from thick laser cut steel with a matte black finish. The legs are glass fiber reinforced for strength. The textured silicone top gives it grip. And we designed hinge with hidden, internal springs to make angle changes easy and intuitive. It has very wide angle adjustment, sturdy in all positions, and the longest leg has an additional support that pleasantly clicks into place. (That breakout you already made is great) 

Minimal design, and you barely see it in use. 
With your iPad placed on the Draft Table, you can barely see that it's there, and that's how we prefer it. (thinking to show it next to a mac and you really only can see the front lip)

ArmRest included. When designing and working heavily on iPad Pro, your arm gets tired quickly and it's not ideal to alway rest your palm on the glass because it gets dirty. We found using a gel pad makes a vast improvement, so we designed a compact version and every artist that has used it agrees - you can use iPad Pro all day without your arm getting tired and you can optionally keep your palm on the glass without problem. 

Pencil Stand included. Keep you Pencil handy. Solid, soft silicone construction. Locks to your desk with air suction so it can't fall over.

Folds flat for storage & travel. The legs on DraftTable fold flat, so you can hide it just about anywhere. Or put in your backpack to take it with you to the coffee shop. 

It's a great laptop stand too. Angle adjustable and sturdy. Does double duty. 


--What can it do for you?--


A home for your iPad. Always have a place to keep and work on your iPad. (Thinking a shot of it on a minimal desk setup. Apple markets it as a PC replacement for a lot of people, so this could really be their "workstation").

Makes the ultimate Mac input. Keep it paired with your Mac like a Wacom Cintiq.


Wacom Cintiq Replacement.  And it’s great tethered to a mac with Astropad, which turns it into a super high resolution wacom cintiq with lower latency. And duet display, which makes it a great second display.


A pro tool for artists, designers, photographers, and everyone. DraftTable + iPad Pro + Pencil is super great for digital artists, it's awesome for photo editors, and anyone doing creative work on iPad Pro. It's cool to you're just doing excel spreadsheets or playing Alto's Adventure. (Not really sure how to communicate this well, just putting the idea out there)


-- App Spotlght --

Draft table makes iPad Pro apps better.

(Thinking like two columns of apps we can give a shoutout to.)

 AstroPad Turns your iPad Pro into a high-res, low latency Wacom Cintiq.

Procreate A super powerful drawing tool.

Lightroom Edit your RAW photos easily and precisely with Apple Pencil.

Duet Display Transform iPad Pro into a second monitor.

Sketch Pro Precision drawing and sketching.

Paper by 53 Turns your DraftTable helps


-- Closing --

So that’s draft table: sturdy, ergonomic, minimal and makes iPad Pro better.



Coming soon.