Lightning Strikes

Enjoy your dock for many years to come with our premium Lightning adapters. All metal, 5-axis CNC machined, tumble polished, and bright red anodized. The look beautiful in our docks and work really well. They hold the cord high so you can use it with cases. Sets your phone at a 9.5 degree back angle. Made in Portland, OR.

1. Use the supplied hex wrenches to unscrew remove your bottom plate, circuit board and plastic supports.

2. Insert your Lightning cord into the Lightning mount. Its a tight fit by design, but we added small chamfers to make it easier to get started. Push the cord up until it is flush with the bottom of the adapter.

4. Tighten the clamp on the Adapter.

5. Bolt into your ElevationDock and replace the backplate.


Great deals on past years projects.