Introducing QuickDraw

Introducing QuickDraw

This may be the best product we've ever designed.

Existing cord organizers sit at the back or edge of your desk and create a mountain of clutter. Using them requires reaching for the cord you want and pulling it across your desk. To put it back, you have to flip the the cord slack back and carefully reseat it.

We thought we we could make something better.

It's called QuickDraw. Mounts under your desk in seconds. Use it without looking. And you can place it right near where you use your phone - right in front of you.

Route your cord onto the spring-loaded clip on the left side and wrap it around to the quick-disconnect on the right. When you want to use it, just grab it. And we designed a ramp to let you easily slide it back in without looking. 

Great not only at your desk, but in the kitchen too. And anywhere you want to have a cord ready for charging without clutter.




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