Introducing TagVault Pin for AirTag

Introducing TagVault Pin for AirTag

Wanting a quick, safe, and secure way to attach an AirTag to our kids, we designed the TagVault Pin Mount.

Other AirTag cases for kids were too easy to take off, bulky, and flopped around. So we designed a better solution with an ultra-secure mount, dual hidden safety pins, and an ultra-thin profile.


It doesn't dangle (unlike competetor designs).


The pins seat deep in the enclosure to make it compact, ultra low-profile, and prevents it from getting snagged. And it just plain looks cool.


And we engineered it to have extra deep clasps, keeping the pins safely locked and they will not come undone unless you want them to. 


 It's the best way to keep AirTag on your kids.


And its also great for backpacks, jackets & more.


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