Introducing TagVault Strap for AirTag

Introducing TagVault Strap for AirTag

Having DSLR cameras stolen, having gear bags stolen, we wanted a hard-core AirTag mount to mount to them and to be discreet. So we took our much loved TagVault Pet waterproof AirTag case, over engineered to take abuse from large dogs, and gave it all matte black hardware so it wouldn't stand out or indicate that it holds an AirTag. 

TagVault Strap's enclosure is made from a glass reinforced composite twice the strength of aluminum and much tougher. 

Custom self piercing screws go through your strap with ease and hold TagVault Surface ultra securely. 

Perfect for camera straps, gear bags, kid's bags, luggage, and a thousand other things. Apple's AirTags are the best and most inexpensive insurance you can have. 

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