ElevationDock 5 for iPhone

ElevationDock 5 for iPhone


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  • It's the fastest charging dock for iPhone 14 and older.
  • Deep, comfortable  18° back angle with ±4° adjustment.
  • Lightning connector flexes under high torque so your phone won't flop forward.
  • Premium construction: Beautifully CNC-machined stainless steel knobs, weighted with inserts, full soft silicone overmolded body.
  • NanoPad underside locks to smooth surfaces via micro air-suction for one-handed undocking. Has two levels of holding power.
  • Works out of the box - no assembly required.
  • Lightning to USB-C PD, MFi certified.
  • All Lightning iPhones (5/6/7/8/X/11/12/13)
  • Lightning equipped iPads except the 12.9" iPad Pro. iPads 9.7" and larger require the backpad moved forward, the NanoPad center section film removed, and mounted on a smooth surface for the best micro-suction hold.
  • Works with cases up to 3.2mm (0.125in) thick on the bottom.
  • Compatible with all Apple cases (including the battery case) and all that conform to Apple's specifications for case design.
  • Not compatible with thick cases, like OtterBox and LifeProof.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Nice stand, but doesn't adhere to my desk as advertised, even though it is laminate "wood", which is supposed to be compatible with the product. It's still a very nice dock, and I don't plan on returning it because of the other qualities of the product that work as expected.


Really nice design and extremely high quality.

Hassen Fawaz
The BEST iPhone Dock Bar None

You can’t find a better iPhone dock anywhere. It’s sleek, it’s versatile, it accommodates most cases and it allows you to plug in any USB charger to get that fast charging. Elevation Lab once again knocks this outta the park. It even accommodates iPads.

Curtis L Tollefsrud
ElevationDock 5

This new iPhone dock/charger is a very improved product. I previously purchased an ElevationDock a number of years ago & liked it. This new one is so much faster charging. I highly recommend this product.

"It is hands down the best iPhone dock I’ve ever used."
- Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac
"Excellent Stability and Angle With Tiny Footprint"
- Juli Clover, MacRumours

10W Wireless Charging Dock

ElevationDock 5 + 18W PD Charger

The fastest iPhone dock.

50% in 30 minutes or less.

Ultra-precise Adjustment

Perfectly fit your iPhone & case. No wobbling or leaning. Easily adjusts to support different devices in seconds.

Works One-Handed

Our very first dock was the first to work one-handed. ElevationDock 5 doesn't budge when you undock your phone. It locks to smooth surfaces via air suction, making undocking a breeze.

Premium Construction

Beautifully CNC machined stainless knobs, full seamless silicone overmolding, heavy duty cord, and a dozen internal engineered parts made of bronze, zinc, steel, and low-friction HDPE to make it work well.

Works with iPad too

Give your iPad a place to charge and live too. All Lightning equipped iPads except the 12.9" iPad Pro. Make sure to use the full NanoPad for larger iPads.

Small Footprint

We designed ElevationDock to be as small as possible while still being able to support large devices.

Perfect Angle

Great readability, FaceTime, and for using the touch screen.

Perfect for Your Bedside

It locks to your bedside table so you always know where to find it at night. And its 18° angle is perfect to see & use while in your bed.

Great at Your Desk

Minimal design, convenient charging, & a comfortable back angle makes it perfect at your desk.

No Assembly Required

Works out of the box.

A charging dock is your most used accessory, it ought to work great

That’s been our premise since the first ElevationDock, and it continues today with every improvement made to ElevationDock 5.