FamilyCharger for Lightning, MicroUSB, & USB-C devices

FamilyCharger for Lightning, MicroUSB, & USB-C devices

  • Charge all your devices in one place, without the cord clutter. 
  • Three Lightning, one MicroUSB, and one USB-C connector let you never have to fight for a cord. 
  • Thick braided cord delivers full, independent power up to 2.4A to each connector. 9ft total length.
  • Included silicone mounts let you cleanly route it anywhere, even up a bookshelf. 
  • Smallest footprint of any multi-charger.
  • Apple MFi certified, first of its kind.
  • Optionally, get the Cord-Only version to use with your own 5-port power supply. Must verify it has 10mm spacing.
  • Connectors: 3 Lightning, 1 MicroUSB, 1 USB-C.
  • Power supply: 52W
  • Input: 100-240v - 50/60Hz, 1.5A
  • Plug: US 2-prong power cord to C7 connector on power supply. For international customers, we using a cord of your plug-type to connect to the C7 port.
  • Each connector gets up to 12W power. MicroUSB supports QuickCharge 3.0 up to 18W.
  • The USB-C connector is not recommended for charging a MacBook unless its overnight. We recommend dedicated USB-C PD chargers over 40W for those.

Customer Reviews

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Dmitry Demidov
It turned out to be very convenient for me

I liked the cable the most. It's very well made. I use it all the time to charge something on my desktop. It is very convenient that it fits all devices. The power supply has enough power for fast charging everything I need. If only it had a magnet for the Apple Watch and a magnet it would be great :-)

They don't seem to make them anymore, too bad, I would have bought another one of these.


End the cord clutter

Never fight for a charge

Smallest footprint of any multi-charger

FamilyCharger takes up a fraction the size of multi-charging docks, barely more than a single cord.

What's in the box?

The first full power multi-charging cord

Unlike multi-charge cords that share a single USB port, FamilyCharger runs full & independant copper to each connector, so they each get dedicated power.

Premium Construction

Made the way climbing rope is manufactured. Feels amazing.

Extra long, over 9ft total

The length lets you place the end of FamilyCharger almost anywhere. And it gives you slack to run up a table or bookcase.

Cord mounts included

Cleanly run the cable, even up vertical walls, with included restickable silicone mounts.

Optionally, use your own USB hub

Use your own 5+ port USB power adapter with the FamilyCharger cable. Your USB hub needs to have 10mm spacing (most of them do).

Made for the office

FamilyCharger is perfect for an office or waiting room, giving multiple charging options without compromising space or aesthetic.

Made for your home

FamilyCharger let's everyone charge their devices in a central location without clutter. Great for everyday charging & even better when you have friends over.

Made for you

End the clutter, save space, and never be without power.