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Better undocking for your current iPhone5 ElevationDock. Get the easy undocking experience of our low-friction 30pin original. 

  • Grips with up to 20lbs of pressure - smoother the surface, the harder it holds.
  • Works great on desk surfaces - finished wood, most laminates, granite, glass, etc.
  • It will not work on porous, textured, dirty or dusty surfaces. 
  • Easy to apply, fits perfectly on your dock.
  • Non-adhesive, it holds a vacuum with thousands of nano-sized suction cups.
  • Made in Japan. 

Nano Technology. It's not just a buzzword. NanoPad™ uses thousands of microscopic suction cups to stick to smooth, non-porous surfaces. Works great on finished wood, laminate, glass, granite, etc. It cannot grip onto dirty or porous surfaces.

Cleaning. NanoPad will lose adhesion if particles get in its small suction pores. You can clean it by wiping with a damp rag (not a paper towel or anything that leaves fibers) and letting it air dry for 5 minutes. If your desk is dusty, give it a wipe first.