Introducing BatteryPro

Introducing BatteryPro

BatteryPro is designed to keep anyone with an iPhone and Apple Watch powered, it's comfortable to carry, charges fast, and lessens cord clutter when you travel.

It sports an integrated MFi-certified Apple Watch Magnetic Charger, high-speed USB-out that charges iPhone at max rate, large 8000mAh lithium-polymer battery for multiple charges (it's the largest battery with an integrated Mag charger, and it has durable multi-wall construction.

The form-factor is close to an iPhone 7 in height & width - making it comfortable to carry in your back pocket and when held against your iPhone.

It's easy to knock Apple Watch off its magnetic charger. We designed a StowStrap which flips over the watch face to secure it down, so you can charge in a backpack, purse, or anywhere on the go without losing the connection.


BatteryPro is designed to be a part of our EDC, it's great in your gym bag to make sure your watch is topped off before a workout, it's obviously great for travel, and it's just plain nice to have on a busy day. Pre-order today and get 20% off with POWERUP at checkout.



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