Designers Desk #1: Angelo Vilar

Designers Desk #1: Angelo Vilar

Designer's Desk is a new series featuring the desk setups of artists, designers, and creators - showcasing how they work and what their workspace looks like.


Angelo Vilar (AKA Ansirone) is an art director, animation designer, & illustrator based in Los Angeles. He keeps it simple with just an iPad & DraftTable on a clutter-free desk.

Working at Six Point Harness Animation Studios, his latest project is a new animated series for Adult Swim titled Apollo Gauntlet, with Angelo serving as the lead BG designer/Art Director.  He has worked freelance for various studios such as Warner Bros. Animation, Wildbrain Inc., Ghostbot Inc. and more.

He values good design and creativity. He respects traditional classic mediums while incorporating them to the contemporary digital revolution.

The iPad Pro and DraftTable have become an asset to his creative arsenal. His next sketchbook project LOOK BOOK: Ripe Vol. 2 had a majority of the sketches done using the iPad Pro on DraftTable.  

See his talented work at and on instagram at @ajvilar.



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