Introducing CordDock!

Introducing CordDock!

We spend a lot of time thinking about & observing people charge their devices.

Cords are nice because you can easily hold, text, browse and do everything you normally do on your phone while it charges. But cords require both hands to plug in, you have to hunt for the cord head, & they create clutter.

With Lightning docks & Qi chargers, you either have to reach and use the iPhone while in contact with the base, or take it off the charger - neither of those are ideal.

We designed CordDock to solve that. It works just like a normal dock - you can dock and undock one-handed to your heart's content. But if you want to take the cord with you, you can simply rotate the phone forward and the cord comes with. 


It sounds simple (and probably looks simple like many well-designed products are), but getting it to work right took some real engineering. The 90 degree cord head is held with spring-loaded ball bearings at just over the disengagement force of the Lightning connector. When rotated forward, the geometry of the cord head creates a lever arm and it easily pops out. Do that several thousand times though, and the wear causes it to fail - that's why we designed and redesigned and redesigned the design to overcome cyclical loading. Some overmolded steel and polymer and a lot of tooling modifications did the trick - so it will last for several lifetimes of use.

Internally, we are really excited about CordDock just for our own use - it's just plain nice and handy to use.

And we can't wait for you to try it too. CordDock is $39 for one, or $99 for a 3-pack, ships today! Available here→






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