Introducing NightPad Wireless Charger

Introducing NightPad Wireless Charger

NightPad has no LEDs, so it won't light up your room. This was a frustration we had with other wireless chargers - which I covered with electrical tape. So in designing this one, the first thing we did was remove the light.

NightPad charges iPhone 50% faster than standard Qi chargers. ElevationLab is an Apple MFi member and we have precise fixed frequency electronics that allow iPhone to accept up to 7.5W (many wireless chargers claim this, but max out at 3-5W). The very narrow operating frequency also lessens interference with the iPhone's many radios.

Like all our products, NightPad has a very minimal design. It has a consistent matte finish over the entire body. And the raised support ring is at the very edge of the disk for maximum support of your phone. And while many wireless chargers have big high-contrast pad-printed logos, NightPad just has a subtle logo that's molded into the part. And NightPad has a beautiful braided cord. It's a small touch that looks really nice on your bedside table. And at 6ft, it can reach to far outlets. 

It works with thick cases like Otterbox. We say 3mm thick max, but it tests through over 6mm of solid rubber just fine. It also has automatic metallic rejection, underside air vents, and intelligent electronics with thermal management. NightPad supports 10W Samsung fast-charging, is fully Qi certified, and works with all Qi receivers. It is only $39. And $49 with a 15W QC 3.0 power supply. 

Hope you like using it as much as we do!


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