Designers Desk #2 - Aaron Della Vedova

Designers Desk #2 - Aaron Della Vedova

Designer's Desk is a new series featuring the desk setups of artists, designers, and creators - showcasing how they work and what their workspace looks like.


Aaron Della Vedova is one of the world's most celebrated tattoo artists and the owner of Guru Tattoo, which has two locations in Southern California with 11 artists working for him. 

Aaron is leading a generation of tattoo artists using cutting edge technology to bring insanely rich art to his customers body. The iPad Pro + Pencil have become his weapon of choice.

Aaron starts with a photo of the subjects body, brings that into Procreate on the iPad Pro as the base layer, then draws the art on layers above that. Seeing how a tattoo will look on the person before actually doing the work is a huge advancement in the tattoo industry.

And naturally DraftTable is the perfect complement to his workflow. It keeps the iPad Pro stable and the angle adjusts to how he wants to draw. 

You can follow Aaron on instagram @aarondellevedova_art and @gurutattoo

More progress with @alva__art #eternalink #bishoprotary #gurutattoo #aarondellavedova_art

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