Introducing ElevationDock 4!

Introducing ElevationDock 4!

Well we started from scratch this time... :)

ElevationDock 4 is the result of designing every feature that we & our customers wanted into the dock. We made the adjustment not only more precise than any other dock, but easier too. It works out of the box, no cord mounting required. And you can now dock iPad too (and AirPods, your keyboard, and AppleTV remote!)

And we are thrilled to announce that it comes with an integrated Apple-manufactured Lightning connector, fully MFi-certified. And we went through the hoops with Apple to make it the first MFi-certified dock to work one-handed.

The knobs are beautifully machined and knurled and their threads go all the way through to the adjustment to make it backlash free. Full matte silicone overmolding not only looks nice, but protects from dings. And it has a beautiful braided cord.

And there are a lot of small details too - the NanoPad underside has two levels of suction to make it work with a wider range of surfaces. The design of the backpad makes it much easier to dock your phone. And we set the angle back to 18 degrees which makes it easier to read and more stable to touch.

We couldn't be happier using it and think you will too! Get yours here




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