Introducing Anchor Pro!

Introducing Anchor Pro!

Our original Anchor, the first under-desk headphone mount, is truly a great product - easy to install, does what it says, and a timeless design. It's in use on over 100,000 desks worldwide.

So what do you do when you have a great product like The Anchor? Well, we decided to make an even better version.

We wanted it to have the size and strength to hold the biggest gaming and audiophile headphones no problem. We wanted to try to get the drooping cords out of the way of our legs. And we wanted multiple mounting options so it can work on unfinished surfaces like bare wood.

Introducing AnchorPro, it's engineered to hold any size headphone with ease. The StowStrap lets you secure your cords, so they stay taught under your desk - out of the way of your legs. And we included hardware for optional screw mounting, so you can mount it to unfinished wood and other fibrous surfaces that adhesive doesn't work on. 

And it's molded out of high-end composite that has higher strength than cast aluminum.

We think you will be really happy with it.





. This was down by making it in an ultra-stron composite material that's twice the strength of cast aluminum. And we doubled the area of our adhesive for an unwavering hold. 


Ultra strong composite, twice the surface area of adhesive,


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