Introducing FamilyCharger

Introducing FamilyCharger

Today we launched FamilyCharger - it's designed to be a central place to charge all your devices, fast, without clutter.

Our initial designs for a family charger started out as big multi-charging docks, but they were too inflexible, expensive, and took up a lot of space. Multi-charge cords exist, but they split the power of one USB port, do not work half the time, and do not meet the USB spec.

We found that what we really wanted was something that took up no more space than a cord, we could place it anywhere, charge multiple iPhones and other stuff at once, and look super tidy - close to invisible when not in use. 

So after a lot of iteration, design improvements, 3D prints, thrown away injection mold tooling, visits to climbing rope manufacturers, heartache, and joy - we have FamilyCharger. And we couldn't be happier with the final result.

FamilyCharger runs several independent, full-power wires through a beautiful thick braided cord - from a large USB power supply to 5 connectors that branch off at the end. This gives each connector its own dedicated USB power. No expense spared.

It has five connectors: 3 Lightning, 1 MicroUSB, and 1 USB-C. This covers iPhones (which usually get charged the most often) and the many other products that Apple makes (Airpods, Remotes, Magic Mouse...). MicroUSB for battery packs and most everything else. And USB-C for newer accessories. 

We found a climbing rope factory to help us manufacture FamilyCharger. It looks and feels exceptionally nice.

We also designed handy silicone mounts, so you can run it almost anywhere - even up vertically. And they are repositionable. 

It has the smallest footprint of any multi-charger. And it is a first-of-its-kind Apple MFi certified product.

We hope you love using it as much as we do. Expect it to spark some joy in your home (or office, event... anywhere!).


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